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My houseErik Jacobsen I live here
Hasselager, Denmark

Just me...

Picture of Erik JacobsenMy name is Erik Jacobsen, and I live in Hasselager near Århus, Denmark. My wife is Jytte, my daughter, 10 years old, is Sofie, and my son, 6 years old, is Anders.

I have a masters degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Århus, and before that I went to highschool at Horsens Statsskole.

I work at Århus Købmandsskole teaching Computer Science at an undergraduate level.

Purely by coincidence I celebrate my birthday on the very same date as Harry Potter. But I was first!

I think I have read all crime novels and shortstories by Agatha Christie, and I also believe I have all the books, from wornout paperbacks to a first-edition. They still fascinate me.

Yes, I do have a blog: 2014.dk (in Danish). Once in while I post a comment on the affairs of this world.